Projects: A Sample Gallery

We would like to present to you an array of projects we’ve completed recently and years past. This isn’t everything, but we’d like you to be able to see a fair representation of what we do…

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1931 Oakland 2 Door Sedan

1931 Oakland 2 Door SedanBrief History: This vehicle came to us as a 20 year-old, slow-going project. In the last 20 years two different owners from Pennsylvania had been restoring this Sedan. 1931 is the last year for Oakland marque. GM disbanded the brand and kept Pontiac alive instead, as Pontiac was selling more cars. This sedan has a V8 with a 3 speed transmission. It has a very rare rear trunk and folding mount along with dual spare tire mounts.

Restoration Highlights: The wood body structure, chrome, engine, transmission, suspension and chassis had already been restored before the project arrived to Bach Racecraft. Test fitting and primer had been completed, and we jumped in to straighten the metal body, properly fit the body panels and paint the car to the customer's specifications. We also swapped the bumpers around and made new mounts for the headlights so there would be no obstructions in front of the beautifully designed radiator. We also made a removable panel for the rear side window to give it the sedan delivery look.

1960 Porsche 356 Super 90 Coupe

1960 356 Super 90 CoupeBrief History: Kurt and Sarah have owned this car since 1974. They are the second owners and it is still a very original car with mainly only a repaint and general maintenance completed during its life with the current owenrs.

Restoration Highlights: The body was stripped down to the bare metal, we repaired minor rust in the lower doors and fixed some minor damage as well. Any metal work we did was covered in lead as would be done by the factory. With only two coats of primer along with the single stage Glasurit topcoat, the material covering this car is still very thin. We cleaned and preserved the original interior, undercarriage and trunk compartment. We strived to keep as much of the originality to the car as possible.

1963 AC Cobra CSX 2107

1963 AC CobraBrief History: Dave Little has owned this very original 289 Cobra since the summer of 1969. He and a good friend had flown to Los Angeles and drove this car back to Canton, Ohio. The odometer still only reads 21,400 miles.

Restoration Highlights: This historic beauty was transported back to our shop by us. It needed to have a couple of very minor dents massaged out and a repaint back to the original color. The underside of the hood and doors are still in the original paint. The paint was completely stripped to bare aluminum. The color was painstakingly matched to the original color. The engine compartment and underside of the chassis were completely cleaned and then coated with a penetrate to save the originality of the car The only changes from original is the paint, water, fuel hoses, generator belt, brake hoses, and rebuilding the calipers/masters. The extra dash panel was installed by Dave back in 1969.

1960 Porsche 356B Roadster

60 Porsche 356 RoadsterRestoration Highlights: The restoration was managed by us and is fully documented with detailed receipts and hundreds of photos. Interior, top, and top boot by Autobahn Interiors. Five (5) new Michelin 165HR15 XAS tires. All chromed parts on the car are original and have been re-finished. Original NOS parts used wherever possible. The correct motor has been completely re-built with the addition of a Shasta Design big-bore kit for added torque. The original carbs were re-built by 356 Carburetor Rescue. Distributor re-built by Vintage Werks. New wiring harness by YNZ's Yesterday Parts. All gauges re-built by North Hollywood Speedometer. Beautiful VDM wood steering wheel by Jack Arct. Includes rare original tool kit, jack and, owner's manual. Period- correct Sisal floor mats. Weathershield custom car cover.

Chevron B8

Chevron B8 ImageHistory: This is a 1968 Chevron B8. This car was brought into the USA by Chevron Cars, LTD (England) in 1985 where it changed hands a couple of times. The present owner, Erik Ivarson, purchased it in 1989.

Restoration Highlights: The car came to us completely apart (in boxes!). This car was in a racing incident at Road America Historics in 1999. We did frame repair, sandblasted the chassis down to bare metal, designed a new fuel cell, stiffened the floor and chassis, fabricated an original dash, installed larger brakes, had the chassis powder-coated and then reassembled the entire car with new rear body section. Many more upgrades and safety features were done to the Chevron.

1966 427 SC Cobra

1966 427 SC Cobra ImageHistory: A true two-owner vehicle. It currently has 4,600 miles on the odometer. It was drag raced in the 60's and then stored under a lean-to to let the weather get a peek at it. Jim worked on the car during its first restoration in the early ‘90s.

Restoration Highlights: In 2005 it was in an incident and sustained damage to the nose area. The complete front aluminum body was removed and the frame repaired and painted. Then we re-installed the repaired nose section. We completely repainted the body in the correct Guardsman Blue. We also added the traditional style stripes and roundels.

1964 Porsche 356SC Coupe

1964 Porsche 356SC Coupe ImageBrief History: This car was found in an underground parking garage. It was sitting for about 3-4 years because the owner had trouble with running issues.

Restoration Highlights: After doing a thorough inspection, the car rust repair began. The front section of the floor was replaced. Sections of the sides of the tunnel were also repaired. The right longitudinal and supports were also replaced along with new jack spurs. New front closing panels and the battery floor were also replaced. With all the rust repair work done, we repainted the 356SC in its original color, Ruby Red.

1978 911SC

1978 911SC ImageBrief History: This was a two-owner car, originally from Chicago with 78K original miles. This car was located right here in Madison, WI.

Preservation Highlights: We touched up the paint on the rockers panels and front spoiler and lowered the car to European specs. We performed an engine tune up, interior/exterior detail, and this car was ready to tour. This SC still resides and drives the great roads in Wisconsin.

1971 911T

1971 911T ImageBrief History: This two-owner car retained its original paint and had only 62K original miles when it came to our shop (from South Carolina).

Preservation Highlights: With this car, we did not perform a restoration; it was in such spectacular shape that all that was really necessary was some routine maintenance and TLC to get it back to its original glory. This car is a true survivor; it had retained most of its original components. In order to get this 911 into prime time shape, we installed Carrera chain tensioners, tuned it up, rebuilt carbs & rear wheel bearings in addition to general oil and fluid maintenance. A complete detail of the interior/exterior/chassis and underside brought out this gem’s luster.

1967 911S: Right Hand Drive Sunroof Coupe

1967 911S: Right Hand Drive Sunroof Coupe ImageBrief History: Three-owner car, shipped to the states in the late 1970s. It was from the UK and still has its original UK tags. When the car came to us it still had all of the original components with the exception of 1969 Porsche wheel flares that were added.

Restoration highlights: Before we started the repairs, a quick inspection and documentation showed that the car was originally Light Ivory in color. We cut off the rear later model flares that had been previously installed and then fitted and welded on the original ’67 flares. We replaced the ’69 front fenders with proper ’67 front fenders. We painted the car with the original Glausrit single stage paint. We completely detailed the original interior and engine compartment. We’re still on the hunt for highly elusive 1967 911s 4.5 X 15 Fuchs Wheels. The owner is now thoroughly enjoying the SWB 911S experience

1953 Morgan Plus4

1953 Morgan Plus4 ImageBrief History: This classic has been owned by the same family since the 50s. Originally a red car with tan interior, this classic still retains all of its original drive train.

Repairs completed: The front suspension was completely rebuilt with new components to stop the typical Morgan front-end wobbles.

1964 Austin Healey 3000 MkIII (My Car)

1964 Austin Healey 3000 MkII ImageBrief History: A three-owner sports car that was originally white with red interior. This classic was originally from Florida and came to Wisconsin in the late 1970's. It still is running with its original engine and transmission.

Repairs completed: The front suspension was completely rebuilt along with its shocks. The brakes have also been totally inspected for safety and wear.

1949 Triumph 2000 Sports

1949 Triumph 2000 Sports ImageBrief History: Originally from England but ended up in Arizona. It resided in Arizona for the last 45 years, and we were told that owner brought it back to the States with him. We are guessing that the current owner is around the 8th owner. The Triumph 2000 club has a list of previous owners from England. It was completely original minus multiple paint jobs, but in need of a complete restoration.

Restoration Highlight: Restoration is still in progress. The body was removed. The engine and transmission were gone through. The brake were completely overhauled. All chrome on the car was re-chromed. The wood dash was restored and then refinished. Even the steering wheel was sent back to England to have it restored back to its former glory.

1950 Lea–Francis 1800 2.5 Litre Sports

1950 Lea–Francis 1800 2.5 Litre Sports ImageBrief History: By the records we have found, the current owner is the fourth owner. It was the very 1st Lea-Francis Sports 18HP delivered into the United States. It is a left hand drive car and estimated to be one of 7 left hand drive cars. They only made about 77 Lea-Francis 2.5 Sports.

Restoration Future: With repairs to the aluminum body from an incident after a car show, the body was completely stripped of all paint. Various dents and cracks were repaired. A complete fitment of the body before paint to assure everything lined up. Repainted in its original black color. The customer wanted to changed the interior from the original green to red and silver. The car drives great and it will see years of car shows. The owner is excited to show it in 2011!

1966 Chevrolet El Camino

1966 Chevrolet El Camino ImageBrief History: This classic has been owned by the same gentleman since 1975. It was used for hauling spare parts to boat racing events around the Midwest. It was delivered with the original 283 and three on the tree with a cable operated overdrive unit.

Restoration Highlights: This American classic was completely stripped of interior, paint, engine bay, brakes, suspension and rust. We installed a complete new black interior with bucket seats. Installed a new GM 350/350HP engine along with new Muncie 4 speed with and electric overdrive. With the new AC system we added 4 wheel power disc brakes, quick ratio power steering along with a new serpentine belt system. New GM suspension components were installed along with new stainless steel fuel and brake lines. The rust in the body was removed and then we repainted the truck white with many new chrome parts. We finished it off with new Torque Thrust D wheels.

1972 Chevrolet Nova

Brief History: It has been owned by the same person for the last 25 years. It has always been residing in a small town not far from Madison, Wis.

Restoration Ongoing Highlights: This vehicle has a new Chevrolet 350 crate engine, 4 speed Muncie. We installed new passenger compartment floors, trunk floor, front fenders, hood, front core support, SS hood and then painted it the same shade of blue as his favorite Chevrolet One Ton truck.

Metal work

Stainless Steel Railing ImageStainless Steel Railings for homes
We’ve made two railings out of stainless steel and cable for two homes. Both had different styles and layouts. All the welded joints were smoothed out to give them a continued form.

Metal Sculpture ImageMetal Sculpture
We did not make this beautiful masterpiece but were involved in the final process of the showpiece. I polished/sanded the raw metal and then applied three coats of acrylic clear coat to the entire sculpture. This sculpture, created by George Francis, can be found at Samba Brazilian Grill in Downtown Madison.

Exhaust Pieces ImageExhaust Pieces
We helped design and then completely fabricated various complete Stainless Steel Porsche 911 and 914/6 headers and tail pipes for a customer.