Please contact Jim directly to discuss your needs and/or latest project. In general, we like to see your car in person before we can give a real cost estimate. There is no charge for this, and if you live a reasonable distance from Madison we will work out a trip to where your car lives. Estimates are something that we provide on a case-by-case basis depending on the scope of the job. Once a project has started, we keep consulting with you on anything that was hidden or problems that occur once it's at the shop and we dig in and begin work. You are welcome and encouraged to visit us any time once a project has begun, and we will keep you updated with photos and descriptions of the work as it progresses. We have limited short-term storage available, so in general, we will hold off picking up your auto until it is time to start work.

A note on long-term storage: if you need a place to keep your auto in the winter months or even year-round, we have room on a space-available basis. Contact Jim for details and pricing.